Suits, Mike Ross, Harvey and My Childhood Friend

So, this is my first blog ever. I used to write a lot. And I guess after college, I lost my desire until recently. Things happened the past 20 years. Especially after I moved to the land of 10.000 lakes, from Indonesia, I have things that I ignored or try to forget. Things that I try to erase from my mind, things that I try to remember. But I can’t erase things, no matter how hard I try… Well, that’s a different story all together.

In the past couple of months, some friends from middle school get in touch with me again. After 25 years not seeing them, it is actually kind of amusing and surprising. It brings back good, funny and sad memory. Some friends passed away, some friends became successful, some just try to survive, and one, in particular,  involve in a crime.

Chatting through the WhatsApp chat group with my friends from middle school, made me laugh a lot at night. We made fun of each other of how things were. How mischievous we were, how crazy we were and how rebellious some were. In a strict Catholic school, everything tends to be look at as a rebellious act, no matter how small it was.
So, it got to the time when I asked one particular girl, that I knew since I was in a 1st grade. This particular girl that I know, was beyond smart. She memorized things, without even trying. She picked up a book, and she sucked all the knowledge into her brain. She was also a brilliant piano player. When we were in 6th grade, she was a Math campion for the whole province. And naturally I asked about her. Where is she and how’s she doing. Imagining that she would be this woman who open a music school, or since she has the brain, she would have a successful career as whatever she wanted to be, The answer from some friends was beyond surprising, and sad.

And, since I mentioned Mike Ross and Harvey on my title, I would connect them to this. See, I am addicted to this show on USA channel, called Suits. How Mike Ross, conned everyone to believe that he is a lawyer, graduated from Harvard Law. And Harvey helped his ‘lawyer’ persona. See, Mike Ross reminds me of my childhood friend. She has a photographic memory just like Mike Ross. She was also cunning.
The last time I saw her was in 2002, after almost ruined my wedding, I decided not to talk to her anymore, and cut all my connection with her. I couldn’t trust her anymore, as a friend, and also as a person. Sadly, I was in love with her children. I would love to take care of them, and be their adopted aunt. But, I couldn’t stay near her anymore, and living 10,000 miles away also helped on ignoring her call, and  not having to bump into her in a mall or somewhere in Jakarta.
I saw her on Facebook, accepted her friend’s request, got a weird message on Facebook from her. I didn’t think of anything when I didn’t see anymore update from her beyond September 2011. My mom told me, she got divorced, and left with her three children. And I thought, that’s why she didn’t update her status anymore, because of the messy divorce and all. I got busy, and I never check on her Facebook anymore, until 6 years latter.
When I asked my friend, on what happened to her, they told me to Google her name. Really?? Is it that bad or maybe good,  that I can find her name on Google? And I did, I Googled her name, and there are about 300 news about her back in 2011, from well known Indonesian newspaper and online media. My jaw dropped, and for a moment I was speechless. First, she didn’t use her real name, she changed her name, claiming that after she converted to Islam, she abandoned her Catholic name. And she also claimed to be something she was not. Just like Mike Ross, in Suits, she conned everyone to believe that she had a particular skills. While Mike Ross claimed to be a lawyer, she claimed to be a plastic surgeon. From reading all the articles, she also joined a group similar to Doctor Beyond Borders, claiming that she was a doctor graduated from a university in Japan. Why people believed her in the first place ? After all this was a well known organization. Like I said, she was very smart and cunning. And I forgot to mention, she also know a bit of Japanese language, with that alone people would believe that she graduated from a university in Japan. Plus, remember that I said that she could memorize anything that she read.
In Suits, Mike Ross downfall was Harvey. He tried to protect the guy that helped him in a first place. He went to jail, and paid his due. People found out that he was a fraud and he got disbarred. Mike Ross, blame himself, and no one else. With my friend, the story was crazier. Her downfall came from social media’s fake story and fake Twitter’s tweet, that she created. She made up a story that she went to a war torn country in East Africa, with the organization that she volunteered in. On top of that, ‘someone’ tweeted on Twitter that she got kidnapped and got shots in one of those country in East Africa. And it went downward spiral from there. Someone called the Indonesian  Ministry of Foreign  Affairs. The Indonesian government called the Ambassadors of the country that involved in the kidnapping of this young doctor. The problem was, there were no records of her being out of the country, or records of her entering another country. And the investigation started from there. They found out that she had no medical license, she had no medical degree, and people found out that she never graduated from any university.  I read every articles about her, including her interview with an Indonesian tabloid. Unlike Mike Ross, she blamed other people, she didn’t admit that she was a fraud, until she was pressed by the authority. She still insisted that her story of being kidnapped and shot in East Africa was true. Her scandal, got a National and International attention, involving government of four countries.
I sent a copy of the article about her, to my sister that night. And she was also speechless. This is the woman that we grew up with, this is someone who played piano on my wedding day. Her children called me auntie. What made me even more sad is, that here was a woman able and capable to do anything. She has brain, she has all the knowledge, she was smart and brilliant. But she got no Godly wisdom. That’s ultimately was her downfall. She showed no repentance, she showed no remorse, and not even admitting her sin. Well, my friend, wherever you are I hope the Lord has mercy on you. I pray for your daughters, and I wished I could turn back the time, and stop you and told you not to do this stupid things. To think about the future of your children, and stop being foolish. I hope you find the TRUTH now or someday, and God will put someone along the way that  will guide you there.